Brian McDonald: on Cinematic Storytelling

August 3, 2011 at 5:13 pm

A Jew and a black guy walk into a bar… And that’s just the beginning of today’s story. Join Warren Etheredge and Brian McDonald at The High Bar as they explore the (un?)evolving nature of narrative on the big screen and in everyday conversation. Their heroes’ journey is peppered with unorthodox and sometimes politically incorrect humor and wisdom as they raise a toast to and raise the bar for… cinematic storytelling.

What do YOU think?

Shot on location at The Chapel Bar (Seattle) with the assistance of manager Patrick Cyr.

Produced by Warren Etheredge and Owen Kindig.

Directed by Owen Kindig

Crew: Owen Kindig, Philip Camp, Patrick Lloyd, and Lionel Flynn.

Edited by Robyn Scaringi

Special thanks to:

Nancy Dragun

Guests of The High Bar receive a gift bag with goodies provided by:

Cupcake Royale
The Gifted Vine Wine Company


  • Jim Endecott

    I think Brian misses the mark when he says video games and story can not coexist. Some of the most memorable stories I have experienced were games. Great games succeed because of story.

    Only a matter of time before movies become interactive, have the audience make decisions on how the movie goes forward. At that point does the movie cease to be a story because it’s a game?


    • I don’t think he is saying they cannot co-exist as much as he is suggesting that video games will demand a different form of narrative than the classic three-act structure.

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