Jodie Foster: on Mental Health

Jodie Foster: on Mental Health

Warren Etheredge welcomes two-time Oscar® winner Jodie Foster to The High Bar to discuss her new movie, THE BEAVER, and raise a toast to and raise the bar for… mental health. Ms. Foster reveals her own troubles as an “obsessive ruminator” and Warren explores her secrets for staying sane in a very crazy (professional) world.

Shot on location at The Chapel Bar (Seattle) with the assistance of manager Patrick Cyr.

Produced by Warren Etheredge and Owen Kindig.

Directed by Owen Kindig

Crew: Owen Kindig, Philip Camp, Nate Miller, Mike Astle, Greg Westhoff, and Patrick Lloyd.

Special thanks to:

Participant Media and Summit Entertainment

Leah Bledsoe, Allied Integrated Marketing

and… Nancy Dragun

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  • Carrie O'Brien

    Hi Warren … finally finished the Jodie Foster interview (love her) … I enjoyed both sides expressing opinions regarding depression … especially loved her comment: “you suck everything emotional out of life” … been there a few times myself … you do stop doing certain things because you’re afraid of bursting into tears … and yes, it does pass down … I tend to see some things in my daughter that look like depression … though she has a much better support group to help her deal with it … I especially like the fact that Jody is someone who will stick by her friends – until, as she says, they they cross the line and she cuts them off (only because I tend to do the same thing) … keep up the good work, Warren …

    • Thank you, Carrie. I think Jodie’s insights about mental health and friendship are amongst my very favorites. She is candid, caring and compassionate without ever sacrificing her integrity. we could all learn a thing or two from her.

      Your name is on the guest list (plus one!) for Wednesday night’s show at Town Hall with John Lithgow. Mention The High Bar and The Warren Report.

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