Monica Guzman Preston: on Community

August 3, 2011 at 5:21 pm , ,

In the age of social media, how do we know who are true friends are? Monica Guzman Preston is a beloved pioneer in the fields of new media and on-line community. Stoked by success and Bailey’s, Monica visits The High Bar and explains how friendship is evolving while Warren questions the value of relationships built in the ether rather than face-to-face. His conversation with Monica presented as evidence that the majority of our communication and connection is derived from in-person meetings. What do YOU think?

(Note: This is Monica’s second trip to The High Bar. Last time, she and Warren raised a toast to… new media journalism:​16805490)

Shot on location at The Chapel Bar (Seattle) with the assistance of manager Patrick Cyr.

Produced by Warren Etheredge and Owen Kindig.

Directed by Owen Kindig

Crew: Philip Camp, Nate Miller, Mike Astle, Greg Westhoff, and Patrick Lloyd.

Special thanks to: Nancy Dragun


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