Morgan Spurlock: on Product Placement

August 3, 2011 at 6:31 pm ,

Incredibly, a third of the budget for the next James Bond movie will be provided by product placement. Morgan Spurlock can top that. POM Wonderful Presents THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD was financed entirely by companies looking to shill their stuff not-so-subliminally on screen. Is this just good business or the cutting edge of Orwellian brainwashing? What do YOU think?

Produced by Warren Etheredge and Owen Richard Kindig

Directed by Owen Richard Kindig

Crew: Nate Miller, Greg Westhoff, Lionel Flynn, Jason Ganwich, Patrick Lloyd

Shot on location at The Chapel Bar, Seattle with the help of Patrick Cyr.

Thanks to:

Jayme Stocker
Sony Pictures Classics
Nancy Dragun

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