Jason Ganwich

August 17, 2011 at 5:45 pm

Jason Ganwich

Executive Producer/Stills & Graphics

Favorite Drink: Espresso Martini
Favorite Bar: 1022 South

Jason became a “barfly” in Spring of 2011 as a volunteer crew member one shoot after the Jodie Foster interview. While Jason still can’t forgive Warren for not bringing him in for that shoot, his excitement about the show and interest in Warren and his mad interviewing skills, keeps his bitterness at bay. Jason’s dream guest is Meryl Streep which would leave him asking the question, “Jodie who?”

In addition to Executive Producer, Jason currently serves as the show’s line producer, graphic designer, promo editor, and still photographer.

At age 4 Jason learned and performed a Little Edith Ann/Lily Tomlin monologue. At age 12 he learned and performed a Roseanne Roseannadanna/Gilda Radner monologue and frequently sang Gilda’s song, Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals to his classmates.  At age 13 he could do all the Pointer Sisters’ choreography, and at age 14 could lip-sync both sides of Joan Rivers’ comedy album, What Becomes a Semi-legend Most. At age 20 he actually had to say the words, “I’m gay” to his friends and family.

Jason would like to raise a toast to, and raise the bar for keen awareness.


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