Lather Unusual

August 17, 2011 at 6:56 am

Lather Unusual

Lather Unusual was started by Logan Niles, a former executive chef and caterer from New York City. After 26 years in the food industry, and a few years working with interface design for websites and online campaigns, Logan developed a love of making hand-crafted bath products drawing from her culinary skills and love of special event decor design.

This unique combination of skills is what sets the Lather Unusual products apart from the rest. Where else can oil-cured black olives, exotic culinary sea salts and exotic spices and clays from around the world come together to create such unique products?

Lather Unusual is located in the beautiful Seattle neighborhood of Ravenna, nestled between Lakes Union and Washington and the vibrant and eclectic University District. We offer unique, hand-crafted soaps and cosmetics made from all-natural, locally produced ingredients (whenever possible) with a unique culinary twist.

Whenever possible, ingredients are all-natural and locally sourced from the Pacific NW and California. They are often tested on friends and family but are never tested on animals. We’re also happy to create paraben-free products that are safe for use on adults and children alike.

Lather Unusual also offers FairTrade roses from Ecuador that can be ordered via our site or at the shop on a weekly bases for delivery to the store, your home, office or to loved ones all around the continental US. Our stunning roses are cut and shipped the same day from South America and delivered via FedEx to the destination of your coice. Our roses come with thick, long stems and sturdy flower heads. They are incredibly hardy and can last up to two weeks and sometimes even longer with proper care and handling. They also dry beautifully and can be used in your own dried flower creations.

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