Thirsty yet?

August 17, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Subliminal advertising seems almost quaint, its practice practically filed away as urban legend. However, once upon a time, it was utilized effectively and, consequently, banned. But is the practice really dead or has it just evolved?

Jeff Warrick‘s PROGRAMMING THE NATION traces the history of subliminal manipulation and examines its advances in the guise of political spin and product placement. He interviews Douglas Rushkoff, Dennis Kucinich and Noam Chomsky, amongst many others, for their candid opinions. Note: this is a fair-handed documentary, the message of which is, at all times, overt. Thus, viewers can decide for themselves: have they been saved from being brain-washed or have they been licked, reduced to all-day suckers?

Watch the movie, then tell me: What do YOU think?

After you’ve determined your stance on subliminal advertising, it’s time to rethink your perspective on product placement in film and television. Check out this episode of The High Bar during which Morgan Spurlock explains the pros, cons, payoffs and drawbacks of the ever-increasing Hollywood practice.

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