Robyn Scaringi

August 19, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Robyn Scaringi











Editor, Data Wrangler

Favorite Drink: a good local beer
Favorite Bar: my kitchen counter


Robyn prides herself in being an editor’s best friend, be that on
the set or in post-production. The new cool thing for editors to do
(or so Robyn thinks) is to D.I.T. or ‘data wrangle’ for all those
digitally shot, independent films that all the kids are talking
about these days. The High Bar is no exception to this D.I.T. craze.

Robyn always knew she was a filmmaker at heart, but only recently
began to fulfill her passions through editing. Finishing film school
at the top of her class in 2009, Robyn edited and co-produced her
first feature film, Eyes in the Dark, in early 2010.

Robyn spends most of her time kicking herself that she’s so lucky to
get paid to do what she loves. She also occasionally works freelance
for several Seattle-based companies, including Creature, the Seattle
International Film Festival, and many, many independent video
production companies.

Robyn’s notable credits include D.I.T.’ing and script supervising
for the feature This is Ours (2012), and producing and co-editing
“Ab Slammers”, the winning video for the Grassroots (2011)
Infomercial Contest.

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