Brad Tollefson

August 22, 2011 at 9:03 pm



Brad with Santa

Transmedianaut, Web Monkey

Favorite Drink: Blue Gatorade, beet juice, and rum, dark
Favorite Bar: The One with me Peeps inside.

Raised feral on the Truckee river, Brad’s parents recount Santa leaving him a red hammer on Christmas eve when he was 3.  They found him the next morning under the tree – naked,  with said hammer still in hand-  sleeping soundly amongst the pretty shards of every glass ornament they had hung the prior evening.

On occasion, and ever since, Brad still enjoys…  a good hammering.

Brad hammered early for Warner Bros. and Sony Classical Film & Video in NY, but now prefers hammering for more agile media clients. Find him at, or, or join him at the next Meetup for the Transmedia Seattle MeetUp Group:

While typically engaged in applying the newest red hammer to the shiniest new media thingy he can help his client’s reach, Brad’s chief enjoyment comes from documenting his fabulous daughter’s life, watching his gorgeous wife knit while simultaneously playing Sudoku or Candy Crush, and encouraging his media friends to continue swinging for the stars –  sometimes for no better reason than to freakin’ BREAK EM ALL!

Brad would like to raise a toast to, and raise the bar for breaking new ground.

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