Miranda July: on Connectivity

Just because we are all caught in the world wide web, doesn’t mean we’re all connected. For actress-filmmaker Miranda July, THE FUTURE is now, both in regards to the release of her stunning second feature — a deftly ironic mesh of magical realism and near-Mumblecore malaise — and in regards to our ability to all just get along. Is there something inherently asocial about technology or is the bug in the system simply our own fears of intimacy? With greater access to the global village will we become more considerate of the communities around us or squirrel ourselves more securely into our social media caves? The august Ms. July visits The High Bar to raise a toast to and raise the bar for… Connectivity. Cheers!

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Shot on location at The Chapel Bar in Seattle, WA (thanks to Patrick Cyr)


  • frida

    Great interview! Love her – she’s so smart. (Did you have a mic? I could barely hear your great questions.)

    • The audio issue has been corrected, Frida, thanks to the hard work of our Post-Production Supervisor, Basil Shadid. We are lucky to have him.

  • Thanks, Frida. I did have a mike, though others on the crew have begged me not to. ; ) Honestly, I am having the post-production team examine this issue now and we may upload an improved, audio-adjusted edition this evening.

  • M. Ricciardi

    Her first film was fairly engaging, but rather perplexing on some levels (not sure if it “succeeded” in its intent)…interested in seeing her second film, though, might clarify her vision for me.

    • No doubt that Ms. July is someone with a very strong voice and a very clear vision. Give yourself over and I think you will really enjoy… The Future, Michael.

  • Amy Mauldin

    Thanks for featuring Miranda July – she’s amazing and I’m always inspired after reading or watching her work. Looking forward to The Future…

  • Truly ny pleasure, Amy. I have always been a great admirer of Ms. July’s work. Her films are poetic and provocative and her short stories are just as enticing. If you have not yet read No One Belongs Here More Than You, do yourself a favor and order it today. http://www.amazon.com/One-Belongs-Here-More-Than/dp/0743299396

  • Warren, I really liked the interview with Miranda, especially the superpowers question. Kind of a revealing answer. In other pieces (notably the New York Times) she comes off as ironier-than-thou, in that hipster kinda way, and that’s put me off a bit. And she seemed loose and authentic in your piece. I wonder if you captured more her nature and the others had an agenda?

    • Thanks, Sonya. I, too, felt like we got to see (and hear) a more ingenuous version of Miranda than in some journalists’ interpretations of her. Ms. July is quite winning in person and, obviously, quite passionate about her work.

  • Randy Singer

    She is so cool. I really like how her personality comes through in her films.

    • She is certainly open on screen and, mostly so, in person. Thanks for watching, Randy.

      Your name is on the guest list (plus one!) for Wednesday night’s show at Town Hall with John Lithgow. Mention The High Bar and The Warren Report.

  • Charlene Freeman

    I LOVED “Me and You and Everyone We Know”, and look forward to seeing “The Future”. Somehow I missed it at SIFF (although I did meet her briefly and she was really sweet), and when it ran here. Communicating with animals would be a great superpower. :)

    • Thanks, Charlene. Miranda is very sweet… in addition to being very talented. I’m sure you will appreciate THE FUTURE. Tell me, what wouuld your superpower be?

      Your name is on the guest list (plus one!) for Wednesday night’s show at Town Hall with John Lithgow. Mention The High Bar and The Warren Report.

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