Something’s brewing

September 8, 2011 at 10:02 pm

There are now more breweries in the United States than there were just prior to Prohibition (1,759 today versus 1,751 way back when.) More dramatically, note there were only 50! across the country in 1980.*

Is the increase a consequence of the loosening of regulations? An offshoot of the locavore movement? Or, just another indicator that Americans want to stay drunk so as not to have to deal with the myriad crises facing the nation? What do YOU think?

Dick Cantwell, founder of The Elysian Brewery, visited The High Bar to share his intoxicating take on the rise of brewing and the fall varietals. Trust me, there’s a good head on this one. Cheers!


(Numbers courtesy of Mother Jones via The Week – September 2, 2011)

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