Are you Bright-er than a fifth grader?

Big Sex Little DeathMuch of what we know about sex is first learned from our allegedly battle-tested peers and our awkwardly earnest parents. Sadly, many drop out of any sort of “sex ed” at this point relying on experiential learning, classes that can prove… intermittent, at the worst of times.

So, how do ensure our erotic literacy? One way, is by turning to the experts, such as Susie Bright, who visited The High Bar, with good vibrations and better advice.

Watch the episode then enter our contest below to be eligible to win a copy of Susie’s memoir Big Sex Little Death. In 250 words or less, tell us what advice the current you would offer the pubescent you in order to improve your sensual and sexual encounters.

Entries must be received on this site by Noon (PST) on Friday, September 30th, 2011. They will be judged for their wit and wisdom in accordance with warren’s whimsy. Bonus points if you can be funny AND titillating! One runner-up will receive a complete collection of The Warren Report’s old tv series on dvd.**



  • Wow, no comments, yet?! This was a wonderful interview, Susie is a national treasure.

    The advice I’d give to young Vinny is to go ahead and think outside the box. I was already wondering at that age whether or not the church and my parents really had all the answers to life’s burning (and sizzlingly hot) questions. By now I’ve learned they certainly don’t, but I’d love to be able to hustle that realization along.

    This was back in the 80′s, so I think I’d also say, “Your level of freak-out-edness about AIDS is probably a little too high, young dude. Be safe, you’ll be fine.”

    Thanks again for the great interview.

  • Athena Nation

    Ok. I was never a Suzie fan in my 20′s, but as I got older, I tolerated her more.

    Oh, and I want to meet John Lithgow. We just talked about him at work the other day and both of us said how bad we’d wanna meet him.

    So, nyah :)

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