Kristin Neff Ph. D.: on Self-Compassion

September 22, 2011 at 3:26 pm , ,

Kristin NeffHold on, there really is no use in beating yourself up? Not according to the erudite and effervescent Kristin Neff, PhD who chronicles the reverse psychology in her best-selling book, Self-Compassion.


  • Tamara

    I have a hard time taking you seriously, Warren, when you make Jewish jokes. I’m not jewish, but I do appreciate how sensitive others may be to this culture. I think it would behoove you and your show to be a bit more sensitive than this comment in the future.

    • I appreciate your comment, Tamara, but wonder if you would reconsider as I am a Jew myself. Am I not allowed to make such a remark? I take no offense, certainly. For what it’s worth, my motto has always been: take everything seriously, treat everything lightly.

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