Lorenzo Pisoni: on Life in the circus

Clowning is serious business. In fact, it can be deadly serious. But with a smile, a pratfall or a well-timed sandbag drop, the weeks, months and years of training can pay off with big laughs and delighted audiences. Just ask the folks who have seen Lorenzo Pisoni’s trouser-splitting one-man show, Humor Abuse, now playing at The American Conservatory in San Francisco. Lorenzo learned the art of clowning from his father, Larry, and as the younger Pisoni confesses, it certainly wasn’t all fun and games.

Lorenzo pulls up a stool at The High Bar* — and never falls off of it, darn it — while he and Warren raise a toast to and raise the bar for… Life in the circus.


*This episode shot on location at the fabulous Lobby Bar on Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. (Thanks, Curtis!)

Thanks to Katie Jackman at Seattle Rep for juggling… schedules!


  • Chrissy Cameron

    Okay, wow. I remember him as a pint-sized “Master of Ceremonies” in the Pickle Family Circus, in tiny top hat and tails, while his sisters swung on the flying trapeze. He *did* grow up big and handsome, didn’t he?

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