‘Tis the (third) season!

December 19, 2011 at 11:01 pm ,

As happy as I have been with the second season of The High Bar, I am absolutely stoked about Season 3. There are many big changes ahead, thanks to the solidified leadership of my co-executive producer Jason Ganwich, pacts with two television stations to increase our audience by nearly 3 million viewers and a line-up of guests that makes me giddy. Already in the can, episodes with…

 * Comedian Larry Miller

* Actor Gary Oldman

* Screenwriter Wesley Strick

* Author/private investigator Sam Brower

* Queen of Lesbian Pulp Ann Bannon

* Developmental molecular biologist John Medina

* Filmmaker and co-founder of The Teachers Salary Project Ninive Calegari

* Filmmaker and Fishbone enthusiast Lev Anderson

* Author and former gang member Luis Rodriguez

* Master patissier Eric “Cake Boy” Lanlard

* Comedian and Simpsons scribe Dana Gould

* Food truck entrepreneur Kamala Saxton


As if that’s not enough, by the beginning of February, we are slated to welcome the following folks to The High Bar as well:

* Author Eric Weiner

* Non-Toxic Avenger Deanna Duke

* Author and zombie advocate Isaac Marion


With many more to be announced shortly.

2012 promised to be a happy new year, indeed.

If you’d like to suggest other potential guests, I’d love to hear about them. And, if you help get us a great guest for the show, you can earn a producer credit!





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