Tom Shadyac: on A Better World

January 3, 2012 at 5:28 pm , ,

If life ain’t a bowl of cherries, what the heck is it? Filmmaker (and reformed capitalist) Tom Shadyac visits The High Bar and has a far-ranging conversation with host Warren Etheredge about what’s wrong with Hollywood, what’s right with the world, and how we can all not just get along, but thrive when we prioritize properly. Step 1: Watch this episode. Step 2: See Tom’s divine documentary, I AM.

Conducted at Seattle’s The Chapel Bar in March 2011, this enthralling discussion displays the spirited banter of a comedic genius (ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE; PATCH ADAMS; LIAR LIAR; BRUCE ALMIGHTY) on a serious quest.


  • Nancy Selby

    I also have had the same thought about Aspergers, that these kids are part of the new shift and they need to shut out all the junk in order to focus and do greater things and that it’s not a disease or syndrome. Thank you. I am so relieved that someone else said it.

    • Thanks for posting this, Nancy. I share your sense of being alone in thinking that Asperger’s may be an evolutionary step rather than an impairment. I suppose time will tell, though history teaches us that often what seems non-normative at first, may prove an imperative for survival.

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