I watch therefore I AM

I AM is one of the most profound documentaries of the year, not despite but because it was crafted by Tom Shadyac, the filmmaker also responsible for films such as ACE VENTURA; PET DETECTIVE, PATCH ADAMS and LIAR LIAR. His silly, snarky background makes his earnest transition to the “spiritual,” all the more stunning and all the more impactful. If he can change his ways and make such significant sacrifices, can’t we.

Although I AM is not on the Academy’s Short List nor was it in theaters long, Seattleites have a chance to see the movie once more, January 13th, 2012 at Wallingford Neighbors‘ screening series, Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies.

I encourage you to check I AM out on the big screen, then drop in at The High Bar for Tom Shadyac’s visit. The combo just may change your life or, at least, the way you look at yogurt.


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