Nancy Dragun

February 6, 2012 at 7:46 pm

Associate Producer

Favorite Drink: French 75
Favorite Bar/s: Sambar (Seattle), Angel’s Share (New York), 1022 South (Tacoma)

Nancy Dragun — associate producer, dog-lover, flower-fluffer, gin-drinker, kid-(s)motherer — is proud to have been part of The High Bar braintrust since its inception.  She spent unfortunate amounts of her parents’ money studying wine tasting and pit bull ownership at Vassar College, with a minor in art history, and is currently developing her tandem careers of insomnia and UW research administration.  When not tending to matters of the home, the office, the bar, or the gift bags, Nancy eats pie and obsessively watches FoodTV with TLoHL, Warren Etheredge.

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