Three cheers for Season 3!

If I were to place my personal points of pride on a blank sheet of paper and connect the dots, I like to think they would form a small, simple smile. Or, at least a straight line that went from A to B. Tonight, I add another point with the premiere of Season 3 of The High Bar on KBTC, the PBS affiliate originating from Tacoma, Washington. (In March, we will begin airing on UWTV, as well.) The High Bar will air this evening at Midnight, immediately following Charlie Rose. I’d love for you to tune in or set your DVR. Here’s where to find KBTC, so there are no excuses.

Comcast 3 and 12, Click! 3, DirecTV 28, Dish 8620,
Digital 27 (28.1, 28.2 Tacoma),
Digital 19 (15.1, 15.2 Centralia),
Digital K41KT (Grays River/Lebam)

My guest this evening is the phenomenal Larry Miller, a comedian, author and actor you may recognize better by face than name or, perhaps, by his wide array of wry turns in comedy classics such as BEST IN SHOW, PRETTY WOMAN and Seinfeld. Truth be told, my conversation with Mr. Miller — the star of the touring one-man drinkfest, Cocktails with Larry Miller — is amongst my favorite from the nearly 2,000 interviews I’ve conducted. In addition to being funny, he is clearly compassionate and thoughtful; concerned about the state of the world yet grounded in the good that is his life, his family. I learned more from Larry Miller in one half-hour talk than I would from devouring a set of self-help books by some self-important television “doctor.” His ten-minute rule is one that I have implemented personally and many, who drive me crazy, have benefitted from it already. Also, check out the snazzy new opening for the show, graphics by Ryan Dunleavy and a perfectly-fitting, bubbly theme by Rolfe Kent (YOUNG ADULT, SIDEWAYS, THE MATADOR). Please watch, listen and tell me: What do YOU think?

Of course, reaching this milestone tonight is the result of the incredible efforts of a great team of people over the years to whom I owe more than gratitude. (Trust me, the I.O.U.s are piling up.) I must take a moment, a paragraph and ask your patience as I thank the following folks without whom The High Bar would not have reached Season 3. Thank you, Rita Meher and Ed Escalona, for inviting me to create the show of my dreams back in 2010 for SCANtv. Season 1 ended with 26 provocative episodes on air, an award for Favorite SCAN Production and, unfortunately, the news that SCANtv, as we knew it, was being overhauled (and that is the most polite way to phrase that transition). Thank you Owen Kindig and Lionel Flynn for stepping up to ensure there would be a Season 2, on-line and in our hearts. You improved the show by taking it on location which allowed us to lure A-listers such as Jodie Foster, Morgan Spurlock and Mike Daisey. Thanks to Alexander Walsh for assuming the role of director and cinematographer later in 2011. Under your guidance, the production looks better than ever and I feel more confident when the cameras roll or when I am at a loss for conclusive words. Most of all, my heartfelt thanks to Jason Ganwich, now The High Bar’s Executive Producer, who believes in the series as much as I do, giving more of himself than one would imagine possible, plausible or, frankly, prudent. Jason: your faith, skill and investment in the show is cherished. We would not be here without your heroic commitment to quality, professionalism and fun. And, thank you, Nancy Dragun aka TLoML, for believing as passionately as Jason does, not only in the show but in me,  and for putting up with my idealism in the process and my presence in your life. Bonus beaucoup thanks to Jay Parikh at UWTV and David Hinman at KBTC for recognizing the potential of The High Bar and broadcasting it to delighted barflies though out Washington State. Naturally, there are dozens more who have aided in the perpetuation of The High Bar, so let me list them here:

Mike Astle, Kari Baumann, Cheryl Allin-Bergstrom, Curtis Bigelow, Del Brown, David Byers, Philip Camp, Marc Castillo, Joseph Cole, AJ Epstein, Patrick Cyr, Ava Etheredge, Sam Graydon, Athena Hitson, Austen Hoogen, Colin Kelley, Patrick Lloyd, Deming Maclise, Kimberly Laura Mychal Malone, Latesha Miller, Nate Miller, Trin Miller, Richard Osborn, B. Parker, Ben Rapson, Will Ryan, Robyn Scaringi, Marco Scaringi, Anne Sellery, Basil Shadid, Maria Sharp, Matt Sheldon, Vinny Smith, Brad Tollefson, Alisa Tyrrill, Greg Westhoff, Trevor Whitehall and Richard A. Williams.

I toast you all. Cheers! And, cheers again!

And, you know what, one more drink for all of you who have watched and supported the show with your kind words of encouragement, praise and constructive criticism.

Okay, that’s enough. I may need to call a cab to get home now.

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