Larry Miller: on A Better Life

February 7, 2012 at 8:03 am , ,


Larry MillerIn some secluded rendezvous (the fabulous Lobby Bar in Seattle, actually), that overlooks the avenue (Pike Street, precisely), with someone sharing a delightful chat, of this and that, yes, I’m having cocktails with Larry Miller. The comedian, author and actor visits The High Bar to raise a toast to and raise the bar for… a better life.

You may recognize Larry better by face than name or, better yet, by his wide array of wry turns in comedy classics such as BEST IN SHOW, PRETTY WOMAN and Seinfeld. I’ll now think of him most fondly for our conversation at The High Bar. Truth be told, my chat with Mr. Miller — the star of the touring one-man drinkfest, Cocktails with Larry Miller— is amongst my favorite from the nearly 2,000 interviews I’ve conducted. In addition to being funny, he is clearly compassionate and thoughtful; concerned about the state of the world yet grounded in the good that is his life, his family. I learned more from Larry Miller in one half-hour talk than I would from devouring a set of self-help books by some self-important television “doctor.” His ten-minute rule is one that I have implemented personally and many, who drive me crazy, have benefitted from it already.(Many thanks to  for making this encounter possible.)


  • I’ve been a fan of this guy for a long time, and always enjoy it when he pops up in something I’m watching. My favorite is when he gave the law the fits in 2 episodes of Law and Order.

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