Sam Brower: on Child Protection

Sam BrowerThere have been many heinous acts committed in God’s name and still more evil deeds done in accordance with the wishes of false prophets. Warren Jeffers, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints — a twisted, outcast branch of Mormonism — created a community that fosters systemic child abuse in the form of underage polygamy and habitual, almost ritualistic sexual molestation.

Warren Jeffers’ reign went unchecked for years until private investigator Sam Brower was brought onto the case tangentially, then never let it go, as the further he dug, the worse he exposed. Mr. Brower recounts his horrific findings and chronicles his efforts and the wavering efforts of local and national law enforcement agencies to crack down on this “cult” in his shocking and searing book, Prophet’s Prey.

Today, Sam joins me at The High Bar — though he won’t drink due to his own Mormon convictions — to raise a toast to and raise the bar for… child protection.

* For more about child safety, please visit The High Bar with guest Tracy Sarich, Executive Director of the Children’s Trust Foundation.


  • trina harris

    Bravo to you, Sam Brower, and to you, Warren Etheredge! Thank you so much for having the courage to shine a light on this horrendous example of child abuse and its generational repetition. Children, who are dependent on adults, are the only people still waiting to be liberated from the tyranny of the abusive environments they are forced to live in long deified under the age old guise of “family” and “love”. As long as judges, lawyers, citizens and parents remain unconscious about the unbelievably painful truth of their own childhoods, that it wasn’t a “happy childhood”, that they cruelly suffered as indentured students of the 18+ year obedient child university, there will be no empathy and therefore no justice available for other abused children as well as for their own.

    • Thanks for watching, Trina, and for addressing the core concern/s of this episode so passionately and concisely. Please share the show with others; I truly believe that public conversations about these issues is the first and most critical step towards decreasing child abuse atrocities and minimizing the damage done to stigmatized victims.

  • Geff Hinds

    Thanks Warren (and your guest) for tackling this topic for benefit of the mainstream at large. When you see the stats on child abuse and that it affects upwards to 3 out of 4 females under the age of 20 (males somewhat less) you realize that the subject is one of the most crucial facing us as a nation today. Equal-opportunity. I used to believe that these things just “faded away” in peoples lives, but now at 61 I look around me and still see, daily, how these crimes can keep on destroying the (adult) lives of children they’ve touched. The ever-widening ripples of this epic-scale abuse cannot be underestimated. Ugh.
    Always good work from you, friend. -Geff

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