Ninive Calegari: on Teachers

It’s not just the late Whitney Houston who believes the children are our future, politicians have always been quick to pawn off today’s challenges to younger generations. Yet if we are going to rely on our offspring to solve all of our problems, wouldn’t it make sense to ensure they get better educations now? Wouldn’t it be prudent to invest more in educators so that students be gifted the best tools possible for gerry-rigging our wacky world?

Ninive Calegari is the President of The Teacher Salary Project and producer of the  documentary AMERICAN TEACHER. Today, she is also a guest at The High Bar, joining Warren to raise a toast to and raise the bar for… teachers.

Please, watch this episode then craft a five-block essay detailing what you’ve learned. Spelling and punctuation do count, but we’ll give you an A for effort just for considering Ms. Calegari’s salient argument.

Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Program is a staunch support of AMERICAN TEACHER’s distribution. Please check out there efforts here.







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