A LOT (to) LIKE (about) YOU

April 18, 2012 at 10:39 am ,

A-list stars are swell; I’ve enjoyed my conversations with Jodie Foster and Gary Oldman and Naomi Watts and Woody Allen. (Well, I didn’t enjoy Woody, but it sure was an, well, edifying hour.) That said, some of the most endearing and enriching chats are with authors and artists and activists who are working their way to the top of their professions; individuals who still hunger for greater success are often more forthcoming with the roots of their passion. The most recent example of just such a guest is Eliaichi Kimaro, who visited The High Bar to raise a toast to and raise the bar for… cultural identity and her documentary, A LOT LIKE YOU. Despite being very, very ill the day we recorded the show, I was energized by my conversation with Eli; she is a beautiful, talented soul whose insights and sentiments set a higher standard for us all, regardless of our own ethnic or national backgrounds. Of course, you can watch the show here, but I’d encourage you to visit Eli’s post about the episode on the official website for A LOT LIKE YOU. I am flattered by Eli’s textual introduction, her very kind (and mutual) assessment of the experience. If I could be a lot like anyone, Eli would be a fine person to emulate.

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