Sam Brower

Season 3, Episode 4: raising the bar for… Child protection

Private detective Sam Brower is the investigator who pushed forward the long and hard legal battles against the radical FLDS and Warren Jeffs as chronicled in his astonishing and haunting book, Prophet’s Prey. Raised in the Mormon Church (mainstream LDS), Sam lives in Cedar City, Utah. Visit his website at:


* For more about child safety, please visit The High Bar with guest Tracy Sarich, Executive Director of the Children’s Trust Foundation.

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  • Stacy Clark

    Dear Mr Bower,
    My name is Stacy Clark. Six months ago, my husband of eleven years confided in me that he had slept with3 woman and dabbled in a porn website. I had already known of two others for a sum total of five. That confession sparked an investigation that on somedays I almost wished I never would have started. I am reaching out to because I believe you may be the only person I can trust. My story is extensive but it starts with my husband stealing a multimillion dollar trust that was left for my family by my grandfather and it ends with my discovery of my husbands compound. The compound exists right under our noses here in Grand Junction Colorado. It expands most of an area called Redlands Mesa. I believe they poisoned the water supply with a chemical called perchlorate to contaminate the system to pay for their compound. I would love to speak to you before they kill me. I guarantee I have barely escaped their grasp more than once. I am seeking shelter in a safe house in Grand Junction called the Latimer House. I know I am not safe here either. Its another one of their havens. Please reach out to me. I have much evidence that they desparately want. My number is 7192099931.

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