How do you *SAVE* 11 million people?

Critical Thinking Q:
How do you nurture political activism?

A: By preserving critical thought.

Q: How do you preserve critical thought?

A: By asking how do you kill 11 million people?

Q: How do you kill 11 million people?

A: By failing to nurture political activism.


In his quick read, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think, historian/provocateur Andy Andrews reminds us how far wrong we go when we become passive about our politics, regardless of our beliefs, and worse, when we succumb to apathy. This is simple, studious examination of how civilizations wreck themselves before they check themselves. Is there any hope for today’s generations? Well, decide for yourself, but  documents some disturbing trends in #ReGENERATION and recounts his findings with me on a very “active” episode of The High Bar.

So, now ask yourself? Q: How do you *save* 11 million people?

A: Start reading, viewing and thinking critically. Today.

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