Lewis Black: on Theater

Reports of Theater’s death are greatly exaggerated. That’s not to say anyone can make a living in it, but still, the theater can prove richly rewarding.

Just ask beloved comedian/notorious curmudgeon Lewis Black who has returned to his first love, playwriting, after a hiatus of a few decades, with One Slight Hitch, a full-length romantic romp he has partially re-imagined and director Joe Grifasi has sweetly re-staged at Seattle’s own ACT Theatre. (The show runs through July 8th, 2012. You can buy tickets here: http://www.acttheatre.org/Tickets/OnStage/OneSlightHitch)

On this episode of The High Bar, Lewis rips alcoholics, raps the knuckles of sadistic acting teachersand reaps the benefits of… the “Yale Mafia”?


  • This is such a great video, truthful,honest, scary but most important, insightful on the shit what we call theatre. A love and hate fucking relationship.

    • Thanks for watching and for chiming in. Having worked in theater for many years in NYC, I will second your emotional assessment: the stage provides a love/hate fling.

  • Mohammed

    What a great interview. Thanks Warren for a wonderful job. you gotta love Lew :)

    • Thanks, Mohammed. Lew is always a delight to interview, never shy of an opinion or a hilarious way to express it.

      May I ask how you came across The High Bar and this particular episode?

  • Timothy

    This is absolutely wonderful! I go to this website often to check out your interviews, Mr. Etheredge. You really have created a delightful program, and I enjoy sharing episodes like these with friends!

    • Thanks, Timothy. I truly appreciate your viewership and kind words. I am glad you’re enjoying the show. Who would you like to see visit The High Bar in Season 4?

      By the way, may I ask how you learned of The High Bar?

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