Lynn Shelton: on Artistic vision

Lynn Shelton is the next great American director, according to Deadspin. And whether you are ready to embrace the hyperbole or not, it is inarguable the Seattle-based filmmaker has carved her name on the festival circuit, and beyond, by being true to her own distinct aesthetic. Lynn has created an extended family of movie-makers who share her passion for honest, low-octane narratives (HUMPDAY; WE GO WAY BACK; MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE), all of which have charmed many critics and audiences.

Lynn’s latest, YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, builds upon her semi-improvisational ethos with a bigger name cast including Emily Blunt (never lovelier nor more natural), Rosemarie Dewitt (under-appreciated) and indie stalwart Mark Duplass (redefining charisma for a generation). Today, she joins me at The High Bar to raise a toast to and raise the bar for the quality that sets her and those who would be crowned with superlatives apart from the rest… artistic vision.

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