Getting swanky

url 3.31.13 PMWe’re raising the bar for ourselves.

For the first time, The High Bar will venture outside of Washington state. Soon, we will be shooting episodes for Season 4 in Los Angeles at the world-class Hotel Bel-Air.

Guests confirmed to appear thus far include:

actress/filmmaker Illeana Douglas (Easy-to-Assemble), who will raise a toast to moving image media

actress/activist Amy Brenneman (Private Practice) who will encourage us to rethink community

filmmaker Calvin Reeder (THE RAMBLER), the self-professsed “walkout king of Sundance” who will demystify psychotronic movies

actor/author Ken Howard, co-President of SAG-AFTRA, who will teach me how to “act natural

actress/author Diane Farr (Rescue Me) who will raise the bar for inter-racial romance

screenwriter-turned-documentarian Joe Piscatella, whose EVOLUTION OF A REVOLUTION reveals the impact of social media and a suburban girl on Syria’s struggle for freedom

More guests to be announced soon. Stay tuned and drink up.

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