Jimmy Zhang

March 3, 2013 at 8:46 pm


Favorite beverage: Orange juice

Favorite bar: Any that won’t kick him out for ordering orange juice

When Jimmy Zhang came to America, his parents told him he could pick any English name he wants. He saw a GMC Jimmy in a commercial and named himself after the truck.

He went to college to study computer science but soon became immersed in computer animation, which is kind of like computer science. This segwayed perfectly into filmmaking. Thus began a four year period of watching movies and writing code.

Now graduated and too antsy for a traditional software job, Jimmy is doing everything he can from being evicted by his landlord while having as much fun on the job as possible. His expanding movie knowledge and CG art skills, as well as his humorous disposition makes him the perfect no drama crewmate to have around.

When not crewin’ around at The High Bar, Jimmy is probably busy crewin’ around somewhere else or making CG art.

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