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selfesteem21Learning to appreciate ourselves for our flaws as well as our strengths is a hallmark of self-compassion. Of course being self-compassionate can be extremely challenging as our inner critics are vocal, persistent and, too often, cruel. Courtesy of Upworthy comes a video that demonstrates our common incapacity for honest and kind self-assessment; a forensic artist sketches people based on their own descriptions and those of a stranger. The results are startling and serve as a reminder of how our internal flagellations take an exceptional toll on our soul as much as our self-image.

To learn more about self-compassion, check out Dr. Kristin Neff’s book, Dr. Kristin Neff’s book of the same name then watch her school me at The High Bar, a very special Season 2 episode.

Finally, think responsibly® and share your secrets for how to best care for oneself.

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