Not to scale?

Wildest Dream 2The Mountaineers hosted one heckuva a hoedown this weekend according to this report. Why? Because they’re there! And by they, I mean RFK Jr., Jay Inslee and Big Jim Whittaker, the latter of whom picked up a lifetime achievement award for being a climber, and a social one at that. Apparently, scaling Mt. Everest is one of those things that will forever be used as a personal modifier and can never be taken away… much like Academy Award® winner, Celine Dion. But seriously, why do people do it. Considering how many people die making the effort — check out this shocking infographic — why bother? Why not watch the IMAX film with the George Harrision soundtrack?

I still may never don boots or wield an ice axe or even know exactly what a crampon is, however, when I sat down with maverick mountaineer Conrad Anker during Season 1 of The High Bar, I came understand the reasons why I might. Watch the show then check out the IMAX film, THE WILDEST DREAM, which recounts George Mallory‘s attempts to conquer Everest and Anker’s efforts to follow in the British explorer’s footsteps, only to stumble upon his predecessor’s remains.

Think responsibly®.



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