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Warren Etheredge, host of The High Bar

Warren being seen

Warren Etheredge

Drink of choice: Warren Collins

Favorite bar:  Sambar (Seattle), Angel’s Share (New York), 1022 South (Tacoma)

Warren Etheredge didn’t speak until he was 6 years old; he’s been going strong ever since, making a lively livelihood and the most out of every conversation, elevating small talk to high art, discourse to an ideal. He talks. He teaches. He interviews.

He has conducted over 1,500 interviews ― in print, on camera, on stage ― with a wide range of filmmakers, authors, personalities and smarties including Amy Sedaris, Darren Aronofsky, Michael Pollan, Charlie Kaufman, Naomi Watts, Salman Rushdie, Robert Duvall, Alexander Payne, Nora Ephron, Augusten Burroughs, Michael Lewis and Chuck Palahniuk.

He hosts The High Bar, the award-winning weekly television series devoted to “raising the bar” through light-hearted conversation with people who care about culture that matters.

He is the founder of The Warren Report ( and as such curates and hosts hundreds of events every year.

He is also one of the founding faculty of The Film School (, former Curator for the 1 Reel Film Festival (at Bumbershoot), a published author, an Off-Broadway produced playwright, an acclaimed documentarian, a regular contributor to public radio and, internationally, a much sought-after public speaker on myriad topics.